Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hospital orang kaya




DIGITAL hospital -- this is where private hospitals are heading.

Siemens Healthcare business development (Asean) manager Ng Boon Sun says they have been receiving good response from the private sector for the new technology known as "integrated healthcare".

The innovation, which synchronises workflow and improve cooperation across departments and hospitals, is widely used in the United States.

"Hospitals deliver services but it's hard for them to send information instantly even across departments in the same building.

"The information technology system that we have allows information to flow smoothly among healthcare teams so care providers can make faster decisions."
Ng says Siemens was the first to bring together imaging and lab diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare IT solutions which are able to help patients prevent, diagnose and treat disease in a better way.

He adds that Singapore is embarking on a centralised medical record system, which will make it easier for hospitals to access patients' medical history.

"Care providers will be able to see the records of patients without having to ask them or dig for the information all over again."

Meanwhile, Eye-2-Eye chief executive officer Miles Podmore says the company offers to output examination data to a CD or DVD.

"Today if patients go for an X-ray, they will get a traditional film, which is stiff and boring.

"But with a CD and DVD, they can see the organs in their body in colour and in 3D reconstruction.

He says this will be a hit with expectant mothers as they get to see their baby's movements in the womb.

"There are many things you can do with it. You can share it with families so they can feel the excitement.

"Doctors and patients can also use it to get a second opinion."

Podmore says a few private hospitals in Malaysia are already using the system

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